Demand unity, oppose division

Unity does not mean that everyone is the same. Unity does not mean that everyone agrees. Unity means that people are able to retain their individuality and put aside their differences to come together for a common purpose. An example of unity that is really profound is when people pull together to support an area after a natural disaster or other similar tragedy. We believe that America needs unity now more than ever in order to weather the problems and to find that common purpose.

A people united can accomplish great things. A people that becomes divided will seldom accomplish anything other than to disagree with each other. Unity can pull out the common threads among people and the bigger issues that need addressed. Unity is not a panacea that instantaneously happens, we have to work to foster unity and promote conversations and discussions about what those bigger issues are in the first place.

Without discussion and the common purpose of unity we cannot hope to achieve the amount of progress we could when unified. A way to work toward unity is take time to listen to other people. Think of common topics that most people could agree on, whether that be the environment, education systems, or even a common interest. Work from that point and see if there is more unity attached that can lead to further discussion. If there is not more in common, do not be  afraid to disengage, furthering unity does not mean forcing your ideas on someone.

We can see the benefits and inspiration from unity when we witness people pulling together for solace. We believe we should try to extend the same kindness and caring toward our everyday lives, not just in moments of tragedy. There should always be a time and a way to pull together and we must find that. “Unity, as one stand together”- Operation Ivy.


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