Freedom is not an Island

DSC_0015In America, we are conscious of the fact that we have many freedoms. We are proud of this knowledge and talk about it whenever we are given half a chance. Are we just as conscious of the meaning of freedom?

Freedom is a concept that we believe hinges upon two important factors. The ability to recognize and not suppress someone else’s freedom and the knowledge that there is a great deal of responsibility attached to being free. Someone else’s idea of being free may not match your own, but as long as they are being conscious and responsible with their actions and words, then there is no rationale that can support dismissing their idea of freedom. If a person uses their freedom to suppress another’s then they are acting abusive toward the very foundation of freedom.

There are plenty of examples of people seeking to abuse the true concept of freedom. People trying to ban books, people using the guise of free speech to say hurtful words, and people using their freedom of religion to inhibit someone from practicing another religion. Sometimes those abuses of freedom get put into laws – like housing rules that create segregated communities and gentrification, lending rules that allow high interest rates with unmanageable pay back schedules, corporate welfare, disregard of monopolies, and healthcare with rationing from insurance companies for profit.

Freedom is access to options and being allowed to pick which of those options you want. We have to work tirelessly to keep options from being limited. As part of the responsibility of being free we must actively engage and make choices. We encourage you to consider whether your words or actions truly uphold freedom and to think carefully about the deeper concepts attached to living in the land of the free.


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